Strategy Planning And Execution

Strategy Planning And Execution


Exponential Blue Ocean Shift (EBOS) Executive Strategy Workshop

The fast-growing and ever-changing market of the 21st century needs businesses that continually disrupt new levels of growth and value.

We blend the Exponential Organizations strategy with the Blue Ocean Shift to create a detailed action plan that is guaranteed to 2x-20x your revenue by maximizing your impact.

Who is it for?

Companies who are looking to:

-Develop a comprehensive action plan.

-Disrupt into new levels of growth and value.

-Increase their revenue.

What does it look like?

Step 1: 6 hours of your time, over 3 sessions. 

Step 2: Detailed action plan.

Step 3: Clear timeline, action items, and quick wins.

Objective and Key Result (OKR) Management And Implementation

Commonly used amongst Fortune 100 companies, NGOs, and even governments, the Objectives and Key Results methodology helps you translate your strategies into simple, measurable, and realistic goals in a manner that is outcome-driven.

By identifying outcomes rather than tasks as drivers of performance, your team will move forward with accountability in every step of executing and achieving success, recognized as key to sustaining exponential organizational growth.

Who is it for?

Companies who are looking to:

-Develop, implement, and track a strategy that reflects their goals

-Adopt an effective, results-driven goal-setting framework that is simple and measurable

What does it look like?

Step 1: Strategy Articulation session.

Step 2: OKR and Strategy workshop.

Step 3: One-on-one OKR review sessions.

Step 4: Cloud-based tracking tool.