PMO Set-Up and Operation

PMO Set-Up and Operation


Our consultants have led, designed, and built some of the first Project Management Offices in the world for companies including Ford’s Electronics Division, Visteon Systems, and Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Y2K.

We use our own proven methodology of the Extreme Agile Chain (XAC), which combines the agile approach, extreme programming, and critical chain, to ensure on-time delivery for time-sensitive projects and aggressive deadlines.

We help you set up and run a PMO software that offers Facebook-like engagement, with Google-like simplicity to improve teamwork and achieve accountability across all departments.

Who is it for?
Companies who are looking to:
-Set a clear vision and goals for their Project Management Office
-Seamlessly implement an agile Project Management Office
-Improve teamwork
-Achieve accountability across all departments

What does it look like?

Step 1: Set up and operate an entire PMO.

Step 2: Unique, agile, and iterative approach.

Step 3: Project visibility software with Google-like simplicity.